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Tax Revision Services

  • Tax Revision


Tax Revision is a discretionary audit service to determine potential tax risks of requesting clients


The compulsory books of companies who request this service are examined by our auditors for the evaluation of tax unconformities, and risks within the framework of Turkish Tax Legislations, and then reported to the company executive board for further actions.


  • Compliance Audit


Compliance Audit Assessment is a review of company's adherence to corporate by-laws, policies, and procedures. Our Conformity Assessment Reports are devised to provide transparency for Shareholders.

The scope of this service comprise the assessment of policies adopted by the company to achieve its operational effectiveness, efficiency, and reliable financial reporting objectives.


  • Internal Control and Fraud Risk Assessment


In today’s world, conducting fraud risk assessments are seamlessly blended into internal audit responsibilities. However, internal audit procedures alone, even carried out with professional care, do not guarantee that fraud will be detected.

Internal fraud generally takes place through weaknesses in the internal controls, inadequate or no segregation of duties, inadequate or no system controls, unrealistic deadlines and performance goals.


Given the typical duties of internal audit teams, organizations may be overlooking such key risks by limiting their assessments to certain types of fraud that may result only in a material misstatement of the financial statements.


With our engagement team, we aim to increase our client’s capabilities to evaluate, and mitigate internal fraud risks.


To receive further information about our revision services please contact us.

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