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Other Services

  • Tax Planning

Tax Planning is an exercise undertaken to increase tax efficiency through the best use of available allowances, deductions, exclusions, exemptions, etc. that are afforded by Turkish Tax Legislations.

It requires investors, and companies to consider not only their tax liabilities, but also the types of investments they make by capitalizing Investment Incentives, incentives applied in industrial and free trade zones, Inward/Outward Processing Regime, R&D exemptions etc. during the course of their decision making process.

  • Consultancy on Investment Incentive Certification


A new Investment Incentive Decree effective as of 2012 had been announced to stimulate private sector interest in specified types of capital expenditures, investments in areas of high unemployment, decrease the import dependency at strategic industries, and reduce the current account deficit of Turkey.

In order to qualify for those incentives, it is necessary to obtain an Investment Incentive Certificate (ICC) before the investment is initiated. IIC is obtained from the General Directorate of Foreign Investment under the Ministry of Economy.

Investment Incentives comprise a mix of tax and non-tax support tools such as Social Security support, VAT exemptions, land allocation, tax reductions, etc.  for the local and foreign investors that qualify for ICC based on the location, scale, and other qualifications of their investment.

We support investors at the all stages of their ICC applications.


  • Management Consulting 


We understand the management challenges you face. With our technical, operational, and financial expertise we provide management consultancy on organizational transformation, corporate governance, development of internal control, and accounting systems to help you overcome your management challenges.


  • Tax Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Sometimes companies may become the target of criticism from tax authorities due to complexities on the legal frameworks or absence of uniform practices. As a result, companies may be exposed to tax penalties that impact their operations, or even their sustainability.

We provide consultancy services in tax disputes from identifying the case up to attending conciliation meetings with the Tax Authorities on behalf of our clients.

  • Corporate Governance Services


We offer a wide range of consultancy services for company establishments (for Limited Liability and Joint Stock Companies, branch and liason offices), company restructurings, general assembly and capital change transactions, contract drafting, mergers, demergers, acquisitions and spin-offs that take place according to Turkish Commercial Code.

Please contact us for further information.


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