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Tax Revision

  • Tax Revision


It is a special tax auditing activity that does not sign a full certification contract with a sworn financial advisor, or that reveals the status of corporate taxpayers against tax laws, if they do not have sufficient net sales or assets, but are not covered by the full certification. The report issued as a result of this audit activity is not delivered to the tax office of the taxpayer. The report is given to the taxpayer who requested tax revision.


The taxpayers who benefit from this service will learn to what extent their business transactions comply with the tax legislation, and the financial risks they will face as a result of tax audits and take the necessary measures.


  • Compliance Audit and Testing the Internal Control System


Tax revision is a service requested by company managers, as well as a special audit activity that is demanded for the company partners who are not company managers to be informed about the company.


Compliance auditing may also be included in the scope of tax revision audit activity, social security legislation or other special legislation regulations.


Apart from the tax regulations, the company's internal control system and the demands of compliance with the corporate governance principles and rules determined by the company are met with the compliance audit and the internal control system service.


  • Cheating Audit


Fraud auditing requested by the company management or company partners is a special auditing activity for the detection and protection of the presence of business assets and the elucidation of suspicious transactions.

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