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Other Services

  • Tax Planning


Commercial enterprises are obliged to pay taxes due to their expenses, earnings and some transactions they perform. Tax is a factor that reduces commercial business assets and is important. Tax law has a complex structure and tax laws include regulations that allow taxpayers to plan taxes at certain points. Specialists can ensure that the tax burden is distributed evenly over a period of time by using the opportunities that tax laws provide to taxpayers.



Tax planning; should not be perceived as tax evasion or tax evasion. Tax avoidance is also a concept close to tax planning, but tax avoidance; It is generally known as the absence of taxable transactions, but in tax planning, it is the reduction of the tax burden or the balance over time by changing the time, place and way of performing the taxable transaction.



However, investment incentives, R&D discounts, inward and outward processing permits, private regions and similar tools provided to taxpayers, and the reduction of the tax burden are also an element of the tax planning service.


Tax evasion, on the other hand, is a crime and the event that causes tax in tax laws is done, but the tax that is exclusive to this event is not incomplete or not accrued on time.


  • Investment Incentive Consultancy


Whether the investment plans of commercial enterprises are encouraged according to the investment incentive legislation; which investment topics are promoted in which regions; the investment to be made; Consultancy is given on which of the general, regional, large-scale, strategic and priority investment issues.


  • Management Consulting


The consultancy service management consultancy, which is needed for commercial enterprises to carry out business management in a healthy manner, which is required by the accounting system, corporate management system, establishment of internal control system and commercial enterprises in many other areas, is provided.


  • Financial Legislation Consultancy


Incidental or ongoing consultancy services are provided in cases where commercial enterprises and individuals hesitate in financial legislation or have difficulties in resolution. In this consultancy service, the subject hesitated is answered in writing. In this service, dispute service is also provided, and taxpayers' reconciliation and tax lawsuits are meticulously carried out.


  • Company Establishment, Merger, Division, Type Change and Liquidation Works


This service, in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code and tax legislation of commercial companies; It includes establishment, merger, division, type changes, contract changes and liquidation procedures. In addition, if requested, any report to be given to the trade registry regarding these issues is prepared in the professional rigor.


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