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Tax Audit

  • Income and Corporate Tax Certification (Full Certification)


Income or corporate taxpayer is the auditing and certification service of real or legal persons or their businesses in accordance with the tax legislation, accounting principles and standards. The general purpose of the service, which is also called full tastic; It is the fulfillment of the principle of public interest by determining the correctness of the income and corporate Tax to be paid.


Taxpayers who have signed a full certification contract with a certified financial advisor do not need the following determination and certification of the exemption and deduction amount specified below. In addition, taxpayers who receive sworn financial consultancy full certification service, VAT and SCT refund requests can be fulfilled without guarantee, with no sworn financial consultancy report.


  • Determination of Amount Based on Income and Corporate Tax


According to the 5/1-a and 5/1-e clause of the Corporate Tax Law, corporate taxpayers certify the sworn-in financial consultant in order to benefit from the exemption if their amount exceeds 233.000,00 TL (for earnings for 2015). they must link to their report.


The income and corporate taxpayers who cannot benefit from the investment discount exemption in the relevant year due to the inability to earn the investment allowance amounts calculated due to their investments within the scope of the Income Tax Law, provisional article 61 and provisional article 69, are entitled to be exempted in order to benefit from the investment discount exemption over 531,000 TL. they must be bound.


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