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Tax Refund

  • VAT Refund


Value added taxpayers;

  • Export exemption,

  • Delivery and service exemption related to the construction and construction of sea, air and rail transport vehicles,

  • Service exemption for sea and air vehicles at ports and airports,

  • Exception regarding the delivery of goods and services to those carrying out oil exploration activities,

  • Provision of goods and services delivered to those engaged in exploration, operation and enrichment activities related to gold, silver and platinum,

  • Machine and equipment delivery exemption numbered in the certificate to persons holding an investment incentive certificate,

  • Transit and international transportation between foreign countries with the exception of Turkey,

  • Diplomatic exception,

Cash and deductible claims arising from the exceptions within the scope of this scope are fulfilled without seeking collateral with a sworn financial advisory report.


Apart from this, VAT refund requests and VAT refund requests arising from goods delivery and service performances whose VAT rate is below the normal rate of those who deliver the goods subjected to partial VAT withholding, and VAT refund requests subjected to withholding, are fulfilled without seeking guarantee. brought.

  • SCT Refund


The SCT refund requests arising from the export of the goods are fulfilled with a sworn financial advisor report without seeking any guarantee.

  • Income and Corporate Tax Withholding Refunds


Taxpayers' tax and income tax withholding up to 100.000 TL, which is signed with a full certification on time, is carried out without guarantee based on sworn financial advisor full certification report.

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