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Tax Audit Services

  • Tax Certification


Tax certification briefly means that a certified public accountant (YMM-Yeminli Mali Musavir in Turkish) carries out a tax audit of the company to verify its tax transactions for the fiscal year.

The companies having their tax transactions certified by a CPA (YMM-Yeminli Mali Musavir in Turkish) are considered as been audited by the public authorities, unless there is a serious claim for any form of misconduct. The tax certification system significantly decreases the incorrect practices that may appear during an inspection by the Ministry of Finance.

Tax CertificationThis service while strengthens company’s tax compliance, tax governance and control of its tax transactions, it also minimizes the risk of business-tax related controversies.

Companies with up-to-date Tax Certification Agreements are also qualified to submit their special purpose reports -such as VAT Refund, Excise Tax Refund Reports etc.- without L/C.


  • CIT, and IT Exemption Reports


Tax exemptions in Turkey come in a variety forms either to reduce the burden or provide complete relief from tax.

Those exemptions are in place either to stimulate private sector interest in certain types of expenditures, or to support economic policies.

We help our client to exploit tax-related advantages, and opportunities provided by tax laws in order to reduce their tax burden by taking full advantage of the opportunities allowed by law.


To receive further information about our Tax Certification Services please contact us.

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