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Tax Refund Services

  • VAT Refund Certification


According to Turkish VAT Code companies whose revenue comprises below incomes are entitled for VAT reclaim with a tax inspection or a YMM report.

  • Exportation of goods and services for the customers abroad.

  • Deliveries made to taxpayers whose activities are related to production of sea, air and railway transportation vehicles.

  • Serviced rendered for the sea and air transportation vehicles at harbors or airports.

  • Deliveries made and services rendered to companies dealing with oil exploration activities.

  • Delivery and services rendered to companies dealing with exploration, operation and enrichment activities for gold, silver and platinum.

  • Deliveries of machinery and equipment to the companies with Investment Incentive Certificate (“IIC”)

  • Transit transportation between Turkey and foreign countries.

  • Diplomatic exemptions such as deliveries and services provided for the diplomatic representatives or the members of international agreements.

The corporate taxpayer can receive VAT return from tax authorities either in cash or can claim it through offset against other tax liabilities with a tax inspection or a YMM report.

The principals and procedures with regards to the application of the stated exemption are regulated by the Ministry of Finance.

  • Special Consumption Tax Refund


Apart from VAT, Special Consumption Tax  (SCT / Ozel Tuketim Vergisi-OTV- in Turkish) is levied only for once at one stage of consumption, delivery or importation process of certain product groups specified in the Turkish Special Consumption Tax Law.

Different SCT rates apply for the type of the products.


Some deliveries, imports qualify SCT exemption in certain conditions specified in the corresponding legislation. Companies that export goods, and services for the customers abroad are entitled for OTV reclaim (Excise Tax Refund Reports) through a YMM report.


We provide SCT consulting services for companies operating in petroleum, automotive, FMCG, major appliance producers.

  • Withholding Tax Refunds

Under the Turkish Tax Code, certain incomes such as dividends, interest, branch profits of non-resident entities, construction and repairs spread over the years, royalties and professional service fees are subject to Withholding Tax. Withholding Tax is imposed and filed by the body which provides such incomes.

In some cases, it might be possible to reduce the tax rates or omit the taxation in Turkey for the income and earnings derived by non-residents.


To receive further information about our services please contact us.

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